Are Plush Toys a Good Gift For Your Children?


Plush toys have always been a good gift for kids of all ages. Never mind kids, plush toys are even great gifts for adults. Plushies can bring kids love, comfort, imagination and much more.  


  •  Love and Comfort

Soft plushies have always provide your kids with emotional comfort and support as soon that receive them when they are crying or discomforted. Why? Because plushies will build a special bond with children. Plushies will become their favorite toy and children will imagine that the plushy id their first friend. We have seen our baby’s watery eyes when she cannot find her plushy. Those eyes immediately turned into smiles and giggles when she has found them.


  • Imaginations

Children are full of imagination. No matter where and when, they will put themselves inside stories that were told to them. When having a plushy as a best friend at a young age, children will have their plushy friend be in their imagination with them. This will certainly build stronger bonds and connection with the plushy friend.


  • Language Development

Parents who help their children engage in social activities with their plushy will dramatically help with children’s language development. Having social activities like reading book and role playing will help children speak earlier. Eventually, those babbles will turn into words, then into sentences. Communicating with the plushy, trying new phrases, building vocabulary, and gaining confidence in speaking all begins with a plushy.


Plushy have help our baby daughter Viona and we help it will help yours and more.


Elaine From the Gif Plushies Family