Our Story

Gif Plushies was born when we had our first baby, Viona. She was do adorable and we know from the start we need to get her a own room full of PLUSHIES! We have connected with our friends overseas in Asia and we begin ordering PLUSHIES for her. The Qualities and "Kawaiiness" of the PLUSHIES are just so irresistible. Thus, we had began Gif Plushies to share our wonderful PLUSHIES with the rest of YOU! Thank you for stopping by and hope our PLUSHIES will bring you the same happiness as it brought with us. Love All Of You.

" Amazing Plushies "

Just received the fluffy bunnies and I am absolutely in love. So adorable and fluffy. 🥰

— Melissa, Los Angeles

" I like the price "

The price is just right. There are cheaper options in walmart but nothing on the same level of cuteness. Their boba tea plushies are one of a kind too.

— Charlotte, San Francisco

" Love! "

I must admit I have loved this store. I love their products' quality, love their patience for my questions, love their price.

— Rebecca, Victoria